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    Dongguan City Yueguang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan City Yueguang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production and installation of high, low-voltage electrical equipment ltd.. The company has the power engineers, professional engineering construction division and design, construction management personnel. In addition, also has its own high quality, professional sheet metal, complete, installation as one of the large scale production workshop and construction team, have installation (repair, test) power facilities permit (No.: 6-1-00054-2011).

    Business philosophy
    Integrity, professional, innovation, win-win
    At the lowest cost, the fastest speed to provide customers with the best quality of the project
    • The YBM-12/0.4 system.
    • DWF-12/630
    • DWF-12K/630
    • XM distribution box
    • YG industrial control cabinet
    • GGD type low voltage switch cabinet